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Full Service Color Design/Forecast, BRAND sTYLIST

Companies work with Simone Vianna Art to discover the right color to convey their brand and product message by interviewing our clients and discussing in detail their
directives and goals. Based on research we will study the nuances, meanings, and undertones in each color swatch. We then select the most appropriate color palette
combination for your brand or product.
To achieve color consistency for your brand across print and digital media, we use Pantone as the color standard. Pantone is an International color leader who has held
color integrity in the highest regard while standardizing and defining color so that it is communicated consistently across various applications. We communicate using
physical color swatch samples to ensure that the color we are speaking about is the same color we are showing to our clients, eliminating the variances created by
computer monitors.
We’ll explore color psychology and meanings, communicating to our clients, how the chosen colors will affect the audience and write a detailed rationale to communicate our
selections. The rationale for selected colors is important for buying as well as to serve as a reminder as to why a particular color or palette was chosen and the message(s) it

Workshops and Seminars:

My passion for teaching has never ended. I used to teach City of Davis and Parks and Recreation when I used to live in Davis. From "how to design your own room" to  " how to use colors without fear" I am always looking forward to teach. It may be a weekly series or a full day, depending on the topic. Contact me for days and locations. 


interior Design:                                                           Fashion Stylist:

  • Wardrobe stylist

  • Closet Edit

  • Editorial

  • Closet Revamp with Lookbook

  • Personnal Shopping / Curator

  • Manscaping

  • Special Occasions

  • Personal Color Analysis

  • Concept Design

  • Furniture selection

  • Purchasing and installation

  • Custom window drapery

  • Space Planning, Curator

  • Arts, Accessories, Lighting

  • Color and materials pallet

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Institutional