Top 3 questions an Interior Designer should ask their Residential clients.

I have been an Interior Designer for over 15 years, from Residential, Commercial, Institutional, clients with all kinds of budgets, styles, time frame but, what makes my job go smoother is that I always ask tons of questions before I start so my top 3 are:

1- Have you worked with an Interior Designer before?  The reason why I ask is that they will have someone else, that is not emotionally attached to the project, someone that will be seeing the project from the "outside" and it is very important that the designer have a clear vision and express themselves very clear to the client, otherwise, the project can become delayed and clients might get frustrated. The second question is:

2- Have you done any remodeling/ new construction before?  It is imperative that you, as a designer ask this question on the very first time you meet/talk to the prospect client. This will help you not just walk your clients through the process but when you send them the questionaire you need to be more specific with the questions. Las question is:

3- Have you done your research and what are your favorite stores/brands? That should be part of your 30 minutes first time consult, asking that question will help you identify the clients taste, budget, priority. We know that the master bathroom is the most value part of the home is but in case they want all things discontinued/cheap, make sure you tell them and do what they want to do. They are the ones living there not you, but, in case they want to sell one day, they are the ones that will suffer the consequences.  

I hope that  was helpful, in case you are going to start a new project, feel free to contact me. I can travel and I do offer consults online.  

Era uma vez... cantavamos o Hino Nacional Brasileiro nas escolas... Patria Amada Brasil

Hoje eh feriado no Brasil. Eh um dia que deveriamos estar celebrando a Independencia do Brasil, eramos para estar soltar fogos de artificios, fazendo festas em honra a nacao. Infelizmente isso nao esta acontecendo. Eu moro nos Estados Unidos por muito tempo, mas nasci e vivi minha infancia e juventude no Brasil. Quando eu escuto o hino tocar eu ate hoje choro de tao lindo. 

Era uma vez... cantavamos o hino nas escolas. Eu nao escuto mais o brado retumbante de um povo heroico... cade hos herois???  E o sol da liberdade? Tem tanta poluicao assim que nao se ve mais?  Cade o braco forte com penhor para trazer a igualdade? Alguem ainda ama a Patria Amada Salve Salve?


Brasil um sonho intenso um raio vivido.. ainda sonhamos?? ou estamos reclamando do pesadelo em que vivemos mas nao fazemos nada? e os bosques?? ainda tem mais flores??

Hoje eu peco paz no futuro... eu queria muito pedir pra voce que esta lendo, ensina seu filho esse hino tao lindo, se voce trabalha ou faz parte da educacao, por favor,lute e traga o hino devolta as escolas... era uma vez... tinhamos honra de cantar o hino, todo mundo com muito respeito. Eu peco possamos nos unir e nao nos dividir... eu peco que possamos lutar para educacao, saude e cultura. Sou designer de interiores, estilista de moda com especializacao em consultoria de cor, sempre estudei e ainda estudo, sempre me esforcei, nunca parei de lutar, ja fiz muitas viagens de missoes para minha propria cidade, Bauru, no estado de Sao Paulo. Pensei nao existe lugar melhor do que ajudar a minha propria cidade aonde nasci. 

Vamos todos, unidos, lutar por uma nacao melhor. eu conto com voce...minha Patria Amada Brasil!!!!

Gisele Bundchen's dress was a success at the Olympics Open Ceremony

I was astound when I saw Gisele Bundchen walking down the biggest catwalk wearing Brazilian Designer, Alexandre Herchcovitch mesh gown with golden sequins at the Opening Ceremony of The Olympics at the Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro.

Her confidence was transparent, I could see  through her eyes , her joy and honor to be part of the Olympics at the country where she was born and raised. Daniel Jobim the grandson of the legendary Brazilian Composer and Song Writer Tom Jobim playing and singing his grandfather original song "Garota de Ipanema"  made me chills. It was one of the best parts of the Open Ceremony in my opinion. 

Having someone that is representing Brazil in the best possible way like Gisele Bundchen has always been for so many years and Tom Jobim song being played was the best  "Icing on the cake" that we could have ever experienced at the Open Ceremony.

The lighting reflecting the curves on the floor as she walks the catwalk towards Daniel Jobim was inspired by  Oscar Niemeyer Designs, a famous  Brazilian Architect, who is considered to be one of the key figures of modern architecture.

Alexandre Herchcovitch had worked with Gisele before, when he was the Creative Director of the extinct Brazilian brand Zoomp. He is now designing for A La Garconne, his husband company, which will launch this week in New York being sold through the retailer Opening Ceremony .

I just can't wait to see more of his designs, his attention to detail is what everyone seeks when investing in a garment, yes I used the word invest, as a born and raised brazilian I learned that  our shoes, accessories, clothes, are an investment so there is nothing better than to invest in a good item.

When music, fashion, architecture is combined, art is communicated beautifully and I am looking foward to share more of it with you.